Narrow Web Shafts

Narrow web shafts and chucks deliver quality and reliability to narrow web applications, such as label presses.

Products Include:

  • Tidland G690 Leaf ShaftTidland G690 Leaf Shaft

    The Tidland G690 is a narrow to medium web width core shaft designed for the global converting markets. It features a unique external bladder to activate four expanding leaves to grip the core and not deform it. The air system features a proven robust design and is easy to maintain.

  • Series 800 GN and GH External Element ShaftsTidland External Element Shaft and Core Holder

    Tidland's Narrow Web Shafts were created specifically to meet the needs of narrow-web converters. These economical shafts are designed to fit any press -- with cantilevered, drop-in, flange, and bar mounting styles available.

  • Model 650 CR Roll Centering Leaf ShaftTidland Roll Centering Leaf Shaft

    This narrow web shaft's three-leaf design minimizes thin wall core deformation and improves roll quality. For rewinds, special centering ribs in-between expanding leaves position cores closer to the center of rotation, resulting in better-quality finished rolls.

  • Model AL Automated Lug ChuckTidland Automatic Lug Chuck

    Inexpensive and effective, Tidland's Automatic Lug Chuck is designed specifically to meet the needs of narrow-web converters. This chuck features spring-loaded, torque activated expanding lugs for economical die cut and trim removal in narrow web applications.

  • Tools for the operation and maintenance of Tidland shafts and chucksAccessories for Tidland Shafts and Chucks

    Top quality, affordable tools that save you time and money throughout your day.