Ergonomic Shafts and Chucks

Sometimes keeping a line operator happy means keeping his back happy. Which is just one reason why Tidland offers a complete line of lightweight air shafts. 

From the new Ultra-lightweight GX to our array of lightweight carbon fiber Ultrashafts, we have a shaft to fit any need. Our lightweight carbon fiber shafts weigh an average of 50% less than standard shafts and the GX reinforced lightweight aluminum shaft is even lighter. That means easier handling and less injuries for your operators. Not bad for a lightweight. 

Our engineers review each application to determine the best balance of strength and shaft weight best suited for your web. Then each shaft is built to meet your exact specifications and reduce ergonomic injuries and workers’ comp claims.  

Interested in learning more about how to setup ergonomic controls in your plant? Click here to request your free ergonomic toolkit.

Products Include:

  • GX Ultra-Lightweight Ergonomic Air ShaftTidland GX Ultra Lightweight Air Shaft

    The Ultra-Lightweight GX Air Shaft is made with lightweight, high-strength aluminum and an innovative 2-piece expanding element. It delivers unmatched performance in many unwind and rewind applications. Operators’ backs will be saved as this shaft is one of the leading ergonomic solutions for converting applications and has helped many converters reduce or eliminate workers' compensation claims due to overexertion and heavy lifting.

  • Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber ShaftTidland Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shafts

    The perfect combination of durability and high-speed operation in a lightweight, ergonomic air shaft is what operators will find in Tidland’s Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shafts.

  • Force5 Lightweight ChuckTidland Force5 Lightweight Air Chucks

    Feather Light. Intense Grip. Incredibly Durable. Tidland’s Force5 air chuck offers the lightweight alternative to aluminum chucks at the lowest cost in the market. The Force5 can also take abuse in the toughest environments.

  • Tools for the operation and maintenance of Tidland shafts and chucksAccessories for Tidland Shafts and Chucks

    Top quality, affordable tools that save you time and money throughout your day.