Differential Controls (Open Loop)

Open Loop Differential Controls

Key Features:

  • Correctly control the over-speed of the shaft relative to the building roll diameter
    Accurate control of your differential shaft
    There's no need to bring in an integrator to set up the drives and motors to manage the required overspeed of the shaft

Products Include:

  • Versatec Tension ControlMAGPOWR VERSATEC Tension Control

    MAGPOWR’s VERSATEC Versatile Tension Control provides true ease of use and extreme flexibility with its wide range of functions and operating modes.

  • US-2 Ultrasonic SensorMAGPOWR Ultrasonic Sensor

    Scrap is essentially waste, and waste represents reduced profits. An effective way to reduce scrap and therefore maximize profits is by increasing the accuracy and control of the web.

  • IPT-E Current to Pressure TransducerMAGPOWR IPT-E Current to Pressure Transducer

    MAGPOWR’s IPT-E Current to Pressure Transducer provides two benefits right out of the box: its single manifold design facilitates its small size, and the unit requires absolutely no calibration, so it’s ready-to-use immediately.

  • Model D2 Differential Air ShaftTidland D2 Differential Air Shaft

    Tidland’s Model D2 Differential Air Shaft is designed for duplex center or surface winders, whether variable speed control or not. It is simple to set up, easy on the cores and reacts well to multiple roll tension equalization.

  • Model D3 Differential Air ShaftTidland D3 Differential Air Shaft

    With Tidland’s Equalizer Model D3 Differential Air Shaft, operators can run a variety of different roll widths with adjustable pressure all along the length at the same time.

  • Model D4 Differential ShaftsTidland D4 Differential Air Shaft

    Every machine operator craves – and requires – control of the quality of a finished roll. Tidland’s Model D4 Core-Lock Differential Air Shaft provides that control with the help of the latest technology for dust-free, superior quality differential winding at the slitter/winder station of any film, laminating, printing and coated products process line.