Differential Air Shafts

Tidland Differential Air Shafts are designed to deliver multiple roll tension equalization to slit rolls winding on the same shaft. Advanced features hold rolls straight and true, reduce roll loping and offer positive mechanical locking to prevent lateral roll movement for improved roll quality, reduced scrap and fast, easy setup.

Choose the Model D2 for optimal control over roll quality and setup time.
The Model D3 provides fast automatic or manual setups and high quality roll structure.
Eliminate dust with the Model D4.

Products Include:

  • D490 Global Differential ShaftTidland D490 Differential Shaft

    D490 Differential Shafts hold rolls straight and true. Interchangeable cartridges allow you to determine how the shaft engages the core to best suit the material and core you’re running.

  • Model D2 Differential Air ShaftTidland D2 Differential Air Shaft

    Tidland’s Model D2 Differential Air Shaft is designed for duplex center or surface winders, whether variable speed control or not. It is simple to set up, easy on the cores and reacts well to multiple roll tension equalization.

  • Model D3 Differential Air ShaftTidland D3 Differential Air Shaft

    With Tidland’s Equalizer Model D3 Differential Air Shaft, operators can run a variety of different roll widths with adjustable pressure all along the length at the same time.