Core Chucks

From proven standard designs to lightweight ergonomic versions like the Force5, Tidland Air Chucks are an economical and reliable way to hold large rolls. Raptor Series Shaftless Chucks provide maximum grip and on-machine maintenance in shaftless applications.

Products Include:

  • Air Tire ChucksTidland Air Chucks

    These rugged, high-torque air chucks have established a reputation for reliable, non-slip grip that delivers maximum roll control, and permits the running of machines at maximum speed.

  • Force5 Lightweight ChuckTidland Force5 Lightweight Air Chucks

    Feather Light. Intense Grip. Incredibly Durable. Tidland’s Force5 air chuck offers the lightweight alternative to aluminum chucks at the lowest cost in the market. The Force5 can also take abuse in the toughest environments.

  • Raptor Series Shaftless ChucksTidland Raptor Series Torque Chucks

    Tidland's shaftless chucks are ideal for continuous-duty shaftless applications in corrugating, sheeting, paper finishing or laminating. The unique design is extremely robust, easy to maintain and core-friendly. Ease of removal and insertion improve overall throughput while reducing waste associated with jammed cores.

  • Raptor Series Shaftless Air ChucksTidland Raptor Series Air Powered Lug Chucks

    Tidland's Raptor Series Air Powered Lug Chucks are easy to use and maintain and help eliminate the core damage usually associated with shaftless applications.

  • Tools for the operation and maintenance of Tidland shafts and chucksAccessories for Tidland Shafts and Chucks

    Top quality, affordable tools that save you time and money throughout your day.