A Cleaner Cut for NonWoven Solutions, LLC

Midwest-based NonWoven Solutions meets strict production requirements with a new slitting system from Tidland.

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Products Include:

  • Performance Series KnifeholdersTidland Performance Series Knifeholders

    Providing faster setups, increased productivity and unrivaled finished roll quality, the revolutionary Performance Series Knifeholder is available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of slitting materials and web speed, for shear, crush and razor slitting of a wide range of applications, f

  • SlittersAutomatic Slitting Systems

    With an automated slitter, you get highly accurate, consistent operation with less downtime between runs. With less operator intervention, you've just increased safety. With more consistent settings, you improve blade life and deliver rolls with clean edges and less dust.

  • Series 800 External Element ShaftTidland External Element Air Shaft

    Series 800 shafts feature innovative two-piece expanding elements, which deliver an impressive combination of balance and torque.


Customer Stories:

  • Steve Brown, Partner and General Manager
    "What impressed us was the engineering, the ease of use, and ease of setting. The slitters were real easy to set, change, and adjust."