Manual Slitting Systems

By its very nature, a manual slitting system is practical for just about any converting application. Start with a combination of upper knives, lower knives, and knife mounting options to suit your operation. Future expansion is easy with affordable upgrades, allowing you to keep your options open and react quickly to customer needs.

Products Include:

  • Tidland MSP Modular Slitting Positioning Systems

    Tidland's MSP is more than just a slitter, it's a methodology that offers an advanced, custom-configured solution using modular pre-engineered components. If you don't need the feature, you don't pay for the feature.

  • Tidland Edge-Trim

    Reduce waste and increase productivity with Tidland’s Edge-Trim, a self-contained shear slitting unit for continuously moving flexible webs.

  • HitchikerTidland Hitchiker - Linked Slitting System

    Used in applications that involve multiple slits and need the best quality cut, Tidland’s durable and reliable Hitchiker Linked Slitting System drastically reduces web-out slitter setup time and improves slit quality.

  • Series 900 KA, 905 KT, and 950 GK Slitter ShaftsTidland Slitter Shafts

    Tidland’s Slitter Shafts deliver superior balance and speed while greatly reducing downtime requirements for setup and maintenance, giving the operator the peace of mind to not have to even think of the bottom of the slitting section.


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    Tidland MSP - Modular Slitter Postioning Systems

    The point of any slitting system is to improve efficiency, speed and productivity. Tidland's Modular Slitting Positioning Systems provide quality slit edges, faster setup times and less dust, resulting in better rolls and high productivity at a cost-efficient price.

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    Tangent vs. Wrap Slitting

    Reinhold Schable describes the benefits of each of these popular slitting methods.