Knifeholders for Slitters

Tidland Knifeholders are precision cutting tools, designed to reduce downtime between runs and provide the perfect cut, every time. Choose from the Performance Series for pneumatic operation or the revolutionary e-Knifeholder which requires no air.

Performance Series Knifeholders cut to the bottom line; faster set-ups, increased productivity, unrivaled finished roll quality. Available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of slitting materials & web speed, for shear, crush and razor slitting. Used in most applications from very light converting to mill duty finishing operations.

Electronic Knifeholders take that precision one step further by eliminating the need for shop air and operator intervention during setup. Auto-calibration ensures that critical setting between the upper and lower knives are correct, so operators can spend less time with settings and more time managing the web.

Products Include:

  • Tidland e-KnifeholderTidland e-Knifeholder

    Reduce setup times and increase slit quality across the entire web with the award-winning e-Knifeholder. This industry-leading all-electronic knifeholder excels in light- to standard-duty materials, providing clean and accurate cuts while reducing rejected rolls.

  • Performance Series KnifeholdersTidland Performance Series Knifeholders

    Providing faster setups, increased productivity and unrivaled finished roll quality, the revolutionary Performance Series Knifeholder is available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of slitting materials and web speed, for shear, crush and razor slitting of a wide range of applications, f

  • 360 Degree Blade GuardSafety Accessories for Tidland Knifeholders and Blades

    When you choose Tidland, you've made safety a key part of your selection criteria.

  • Performance Series Crush KnifeholdersTidland Performance Series Crush Knifeholder

    Tidland's Performance Series Crush Knifeholder is ideal for very narrow webs providing the stability and durability required in crush slitting applications.

  • Precision Lock Crush Style KnifeholdersTidland Precision Lock Crush Slitter Knifeholder

    These crush (score) slitters are robust and affordable. Made of durable, die-cast metal and quality materials, Precision Lock knifeholders are suitable for typical crush (score) slitting in narrow web applications.

  • Unibody KnifeholderTidland Unibody Knifeholder

    A no-frills, low-cost knifeholder when optimized cost is the primary benefit sought.


  • See video
    Shear, Razor or Crush Slitting - Which is Better?

    Sit in on a brief discussion between Reinhold Schable (Tidland) and Nelson Baumgardner (Nelco Canada) to learn why the answer depends upon your application.

  • See video
    The new e-Knifeholder - safety improvements

    Sean Craig shows improvements made to the Tidland e-Knifeholder to help make your process line Safer for the operators.

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    Operating the new e-Knifeholder

    The e-knifeholder interface has been redesigned for more intuitive control over blade overlap and side-force. Easy-to-use electronic operation eliminates dust and grime by ensuring proper geometry ever time, reduces setup times and improves overall safety.