Your needs change over time. Often more than you'd like. And whether they come as planned or completely unexpected, you need a slitting solution that can change with you. A solution that can help you expand capacity when it's needed, meet ever-increasing standards of quality, and even help enter new, untapped markets.

Products Include:

  • Knifeholders for Slitters

    Tidland Knifeholders are precision cutting tools, designed to reduce downtime between runs and provide the perfect cut, every time. Choose from the Performance Series for pneumatic operation or the revolutionary e-Knifeholder which requires no air.

  • SlittersAutomatic Slitting Systems

    With an automated slitter, you get highly accurate, consistent operation with less downtime between runs. With less operator intervention, you've just increased safety. With more consistent settings, you improve blade life and deliver rolls with clean edges and less dust.

  • Manual Slitting Systems

    By its very nature, a manual slitting system is practical for just about any converting application. Start with a combination of upper knives, lower knives, and knife mounting options to suit your operation.

  • Slitting Upgrades

    Improve the reliability or performance of your existing equipment with these upgrades, designed by Tidland Engineers based upon troubleshooting and field experience.



Customer Stories:

  • Steve Brown, Partner and General Manager, NonWoven Solutions describing the companies experience with Tidland when replacing crush cutting with shear in the converting of thick nonwoven material.
    "Previously we had difficulty getting a clean cut with 70 grams per square meter material and had to add a supplemental divider after the score cutter roll to break the occasional few fibers that were not cut cleanly. Obviously now this is resolved. Tidland simply gives us better slitting."